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Perfect end of The Electric Bicycle 2017(Changzhou) Exhibition


The Wonderful Electric Bicycle 2017(Changzhou) Exhibition


The 2017 Changzhou Electric Show (June.17-19,2017) was just finished, Changzhou Hanghong Motor Company own a good harvest from this exhibition. The three days exhibition, we totally received many customers from China.

Our company exhibited longboard motor, electric scooter motor, electric bicycle motor, gearded motor and some other products in our booth. We discuss the technology project, future cooperation , sale and some other issues with the clients from different countries’ customers. The scene atmosphere was very harmonious. Customers asked some technical problems about our samples and also continue some on-site testing for some of the samples of our company. customers were very satisfied with our products and want to take some samples for testing for our further cooperation. 

Hanghong motor company looking forward to meet and cooperate the customers from all over the world and hope to provide more professional technical solutions and services for you!

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